100% Arabica Coffee direct from brazilian farmers

Villa Brasil Green Coffee is a family-owned Arabica Coffee farming and trading business committed to building and supporting "Fair and Direct" trade relationships for the benefit of Brazilian small-scale farmer families and their communities.

In addition to our own coffee farm, we work in partnership with farmer families and farmer cooperatives from Brazil, and maintain over 200 direct and fair trade relationships in coffee producing regions Cerrado Mineiro and South of Minas within Minas Gerais State, the largest coffee-growing state in Brazil and the major source of Brazilian specialty coffee. Our farmer partners combined production of Arabica Specialty and Commercial coffee reaches over 200,000 60kg bags per year.

These farmer families and farmer cooperatives are local businesses democratically governed by the farmers themselves. They work towards sustainable development in their communities, and strive to produce and deliver exceptional specialty coffee.



Our farms are located in the state of Minas Gerais, 300 km from Belo Horizonte in the Cerrado Mineiro, the first region in Brazil to receive Protected Designation of Origin status, and 280 km from Belo Horizonte in the South of Minas region.

In the Cerrado, the planting of the grains occurs at an altitude of 1,000m to 1,100m in the transition range from the Atlantic Forest to the Cerrado. The rainfall index reaches 2,000 mm / year and the average annual temperature of the region varies from 18 ° C to 20 ° C.

These conditions are perfect for growing specialty coffees. Recognized internationally, the region where our farms are located is considered one of the regions that produces the highest quality coffee in Brazil and in the world.

Localization: Cerrado Mineiro and South of Minas
Producing area: 840 hectares
Annual Production: 40,000 sacks/60kg
Geographically protected as indicated.



100% Arabica Especialty Coffee
(Cerrado Mineiro and South of Minas regions)

  • Green Coffee Beans
  • Coffee Beans – Espresso / Filter
  • Ground Coffee – Espresso / Filter
  • Coffee Pods (Nespresso system)

Coffee characteristics
Aroma: Intense with notes ranging from caramel to nuts
Acidity: Slightly citric
Body: moderate to full bodied
Taste: sweet with hints of chocolate
Finish: long aftertaste


General Warehouse | Armazém Gerais

Villa Brasil Green Coffee´s General Warehouse stands out for its infrastructure, technology and logistics. In addition, it has a privileged location, 280km from Belo Horizonte in the Cerrado Mineiro region. Our warehouse is close to the highway BR 262, providing easy access to the Port of Rio de Janeiro and the Port of Santos making the handling process even more efficient and advantageous for our customers.

We have invested in modern, high-performance electronic equipment to improve the excellence of our warehousing operations.

Platform scale with weighing system, capable up to 50tons

Total capacity for 100.000 BAGS. 6 Silos automated for coffee storage

30 silos automated, specific for the manufacturing of blends. Set of
classifier for up to 200 BAGS/H Equipped with the latest generation bi-chromatic grain sorters, which use high technology.

2 Lines For coffee shipment. Being all of them totally independent,
allowing the simultaneous loading in bags, big bag, alpha bag and in bulk.



Our farms, our general warehouse and our growers partners hold together one of the broadest ranges of sustainable coffee certification, including Organic, Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, UTZcertied, Starbucks, 4C, Certifica Minas, Cerrado Mineiro Designation of Origin; ensuring that our coffee production meets the highest economic, social and environmental standards.

We also hold several prizes and international recognition, among them Illy´s Coffee 1st place Quality Award and Illy´s Coffee 3rd place Sustainable Award.



Villa Brazil Green Coffee is committed to helping our family farmers partners to participate directly in and benefit from the world of international trade. We believe that long-term relationships, fair and equitable trading practices will contribute to make coffee-growing a sustainable and beneficial endeavor for farmer families and their communities.

The Villa Brasil initiative reinvests part of its profit back into smallholder business and communities, helping to ensure social responsibility, environmental protection and community development for them.

A practical example of this initiative is the local Coffee Brand “Café Verde Minas”, a co-owned product range of 100% Arabica Coffee, that was developed and introduced in the Brazilian Market as a result of Villa Brasil initiative and its investment resources.